A haven for business and enthusiasts

Great Northern Classics is a destination attraction with a host of services and events for classic vehicle enthusiasts and general visitors alike.

What we’re about

Heritage is the future. But it needs protecting. And that’s the aim of Great Northern Classics: to preserve and propagate crucial skills for the classic vehicle industry.

Why we’re doing it

The need for a project such as this has never been greater. The heritage vehicle industry is booming – in the UK alone it is estimated to be worth around £6bn. Yet, paradoxically, it faces a skills crisis: many restoration specialists are well beyond retirement age, with little opportunity to pass on their skills to a younger generation.

How we’re doing it

Great Northern Classics is a centre for the transference of vital skills. Young apprentices undertake on-site training and serve apprenticeships alongside existing specialists, all under one roof.


Great Northern Classics addresses this pressing skills shortage crisis by providing world-class specialist training.

“”We find recruitment quite difficult. There is a skills shortage in the industry so for us Great Northern Classics is a fantastic opportunity. The project allows core skills to be brought together to create a hub of excellence.”

Ross Allerton
Aston Engineering

“It’s a real worry, because all of the people with the skills are in their 60s and 70s.”

Jonathan Holmes
Peak 2CV